Terms and Conditions

Condition of Services: Purchaser agrees to comply with
all of these Terms and Conditions when accessing or using
PACI Services, as a condition of engagement.

The geographic scope of this
contract is the 48 contiguous states, the District of
Columbia, Alaska, Hawaii, the Commonwealth of Puerto
Rico and US territories and overseas. Unless explicitly
outlined, all work is performed at a Praxis Facility.
• Worldwide coverage is available. Travel is billed at
the rate listed for each Labor Category. Additional
expenses are negotiated within the purchase order.
Hardware, software, defense service or technical
data (collectively referred to as (“Commodities”)
shipped or delivered pursuant to this subcontract may
be subject to U.S. export laws and regulations
including but not limited to the Arms Export Control
Act or the Export Administration Act.
• Purchaser agrees to comply fully with all applicable
U.S. laws and regulations as they may apply to the
export of any hardware, software, defense service or
technical data (collectively referred to as
“Commodities”) provided by, through or with the
cooperation of PACI or Purchaser in the performance
of this purchase contract in the U.S. or abroad or
under any export license or exemption.

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