Praxis Aerospace is proud to assist clients with combined competent autonomous technology and safe testing practices.

Top Stories

  • Valmie Retains Praxis Aerospace Concepts International PACI will provide services such as the development, evaluation and integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operating standards, capabilities, technologies, and procedures to Valmie Resources Inc.

  • Vanilla Aircraft VA001 UAS Flies Non-Stop for 56 Hours In 2015, PACI performed Flight Testing and Airwortiness of the Vanilla Aircraft UAS. Under the New Mexico State University Physical Science Laboratory Unmanned Aircraft Flight Test Centers Certificate of Authorization, Vanilla Aircraft LLC successfully completed the first flight Feb. 25 of the VA001 Unmanned Aircraft System, a 36-foot wingspan Ultra-Long Endurance aircraft designed to fly missions of up to 10 days. Read about Vanilla Aircrafts most recent flight.

  • Black-market Drone Operators A Worry, Henderson Executive Says Commercial drone operators are competing with each other and with black-market UAS Service Providers. Read more about the underlying issues.

  • Study Reveals Maintenance and Inspections Are Key to Drone Safety Pilots and Remote Operators face many of the same human factors issues that lead to accidents. However, a recent study suggests, for drones, technology issues such as equipment failures play a much more substantial role. Read more about the importance of routine maintenance from Robotic Skies Presidnet and CEO, Brad Hayden

  • UAS Maintenance: The Same, but Different Large or small, drones are aircraft and thus, preventative maintenance and continued airworthiness inspections are just as important for the hobbiest as they are for the commercial pilot. Read more about how existing aircraft maintenance standard play a part in the development of UAS maintenance standards

  • Praxis Aerospace Notches Milestone With N.Y. UAS Test Site Delegated Mission Command authority from the New York Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Test Site, operated by the Griffiss International Airport, read about our UAS Flight Operations capabilities.

  • Clark County Fire Dept. Receives FAA Authorization to Fly Drones Clark County Fire Department has received permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate unmanned aircraft systems. Drones will be employed to support firefighting missions

  • Clark County Fire Department Recieves Drone License From FAA The Clark County Fire Department will be the first public-safety agency in Nevada to use drones as a tool.