Creating Better Drone Pilots with the Trusted Operator Program

Some highlights from another successful UAS training program are pictured below. Praxis Aerospace Concepts Incorporated administered the the course at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). UNLV’s ‘Continuing Education’ department offers a wide variety of courses for individuals who aim to expand their career opportunities, attain professional certifications, or invest in personal growth. The AUVSI Trusted Operator Program certification course is a great fit for the department. Attaining a T.O.P. certificate opens many doors in the rapidly expanding UAS world.

After spending four days in the classroom, students went to the Searchlight Airpark (1L3) to practice various maneuvers and complete their flight assessments. While in the classroom, students learned about the history of unmanned aviation, UAS policies and regulations, drone maintenance, and conducted flight simulations. Each student was thoroughly prepared for flying and mastered the flight maneuvers remarkably fast.

Instructor Beau Sinclair helping a student with flight maneuvers.
Instructor Kim Hanley teaching a student the proper way to document flight information in a log book.
There is always a great view when flying at Searchlight Airpark (1L3)!
The student pictured above had flying experience prior to beginning the course. Nonetheless, he acquired new skills sets and bettered his technique. This course is very beneficial to all, regardless of experience level!
After completing their flight assessments, the students got to have some fun with the drones! Thumbs up to all of our students and their hard work.

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